26 March, 14

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Sorry that there haven’t been updates to the site for a while – circumstances beyond my control prevented me from updating – but I’m on to it now!


I’ve produced an experimental interactive map of meets using the ‘Google Fusion Tables’ application (which is still under development).

You can find it on the meet calendar menu or from here. It includes events from about now until the end of December. I’ll update it as I enter each months worth of events.



October Events

24 August, 13

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October events are now in the calendar – view as a calendar here, as a list here.

No full details for these events yet – just links to the websites.


September Events

13 August, 13

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September events are now in the calendar – view as a calendar here, as a list here.

No full details for these events – just links to the websites.


New Season – Updating Started

August 12, 2013

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there was a hiatus towards the end of last season and many meets were not updated and no new information added. We are back in action now and this seasons meets will be added as quickly as possible – and updated as needed. Also, there will be changes to […]

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Entering Meets – A Discussion

April 9, 2013

The ‘Blackpool Rocks’ information page has generated a lively discussion about full meets and obtaining qualifying times – scroll down to see them –  any more views?

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Calendar List View Problem

February 12, 2013

The events list view is having a ‘moment’ again – not showing events befroe 29th March. If you check the ‘calendar’ view you’ll find all the events are there. Sorry, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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January City of Derby Open

January 17, 2013

The recent City of Derby Open highlighted a potential problem with popular meets and how a host club may react. With few Level 1 meets in January, there was a large entry and over 1300 entries were rejected. This of course led to individual swimmers weekend roster of races being something of a lottery with events missing […]

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Calendar List Now Ok

December 11, 2012

After another update to the Calendar code the list format seems to be ok now so has reverted back to the original display with each event only being listed once and the number of days noted in the title. If anyone spots any glitches let me know in a comment please.

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Continued Calendar Problem

November 19, 2012

The list format page has been modified slightly to get round the problem of not showing all the dates. However, this temporary workaround has led to some dates being duplicated in the list – those meets which span several days are affected and the duplicates all use the first day of the meet rather confusingly.. […]

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